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Friday, December 2, 2016

ABC/25 Grants

Congratulations to the following OMS staff that were awarded grants this year! In total, OMS received $8,601.12 in funding! We are so excited about the new materials and opportunities these grants will afford our students.

The foundation received a total of 84 grant applications. The foundation awarded 48 Karen Wessel Barr Grants in the amount of $25,000 and 9 Marian Elliot Grants in the amount of $23,902. That's a total of $48,902 that will be used to enhance District 25 learning. Thanks, ABC/25!

Apps for Education - One $100 Apple VPP Voucher for Every School - $900.00With the purchase of additional iPads, our need for funds to purchase iPad apps continues. Students utilize mobile apps to listen, record, create, publish, communicate and collaborate! Apps cover a wide variety of subjects (math, art, music, literacy, social studies, science, spelling) for use by our students and our staff members. All District25 students will benefit from this grant.Marsha Magnino
Microscopes for Science ClubI wish to obtain wooden microscopes which replace the eyepiece with a smartphone or small tablet.Cynthia B. House
Fun and Games and Learning,too!This collection of forty, skillfully selected, award-winning educational games would nurture strategy and challenge in our classrooms! With plans for use building wide, these challenging games have been selected to extend curricular topics, provide written communication opportunities and allow for continued development of Personalized Learning elements. Plus, they are fun!Shannon Watanuki
The Domino EffectI am requesting a classroom set of professional dominoes as innovative ,low-tech, opportunities for students experience the engineering design process first hand and to learn to use failure as fuel to move forward. There are numerous ways to design with dominoes. These dominoes will be used in S.T.E.M., math and science units of studies as an engaging hands-on learning opportunity.Shannon Watanuki
Let's CreateLet's create a learning environment where students have the opportunity to build upon technology used in previous grades. This grant is requesting vouchers to purchase an iPad app called Pixie for intermediate students to use.Brenda Stevens
Large Screen Display Monitors for the LMC LabWhether students are working collaboratively or visualizing data, these large screen display monitors will make examining information on computer screens easier. These monitors will be placed at various workstations throughout the LMC lab. Students working in groups will be able to connect individual laptops to the monitor screens to project their work onto a larger display area.Nancy Brown
Bee a Learner in Our HiveBee-Bot Learning Stations provide hands-on learning for students in K-2. These award winning robots enable students to program a journey on their square grid. Bee-Bots enrich and enhance lessons while building skills a variety of skillsMaribeth Seisser
Ozobots- Colorful Coding Bots for All LearnersWe are seeking an Ozobot Classroom Starter Kit. An Ozobot is a miniature smart robot that follows lines or roams around freely, detects colors, and can also be programmed. Students will learn hands-on about robotics and programming while working on STEM skills. Ozobot teaches skills in an innovative and creative way so children learn while being engaged and playing.Shannon Watanuki
Enhancing Student Learning with an Active Learning SpaceOur building has recently recaptured some space, giving us a terrific opportunity to create an active learning environment for students! This new learning space is a wide, tiled hallway filled with natural light in a low-traffic area with wall space for instruction and display. We hope to furnish this area with moveable furniture designed to facilitate student learning.Alinda Wilhelm, Rebecca FitzPatrick
Individual Engineering ToolboxesD25 educators find providing students with engineering opportunities engaging and meaningful. However, gathering and paying for the needed supplies can be daunting. I have found a solution! I am requesting supplies to assemble individual engineering kits made of inexpensive, non-consumable items that can be used in countless engineering challenges. A complete classroom set will be made for two elementary schools. Shannon Watanuki,Julie Nelson

5 Essentials Survey Now Available

This is a reminder that the 2017 Illinois Parent Survey is now available.  

This is your chance to provide feedback about your child's school in five areas, which research indicates are critical for school success:  Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers, Involved Families, Supportive Environment, Ambitious Instruction.  Five Essentials survey results are collected by the Illinois State Board of Education and will be sent to D25 in late spring of 2017.  These results will be publicly posted on our school report card in fall of 2017.

Your input is valuable to us. We would like to thank you for taking the time to share with us your views on District 25 and our school.  The survey has 17 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes.  

Link to survey:  http://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/survey/parent/

Link to FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

Vote for your favorite T-shirt design!

Thank-you for all of the great t-shirt design submissions for the Just Move It! Challenge. About 70 designs were submitted district wide. The top 4 designs were selected and now you can VOTE for your favorite!
Voting Starts Friday 12/2/16

Vote on your favorite by going to the Just Move It! Challenge website below.  
Voting closes on Friday, December 9th

Erin's Law Schedule

This year Erin’s Law presentations will take place during January and February. Like last year, Mrs. Moore, the OMS social worker will be presenting in classrooms by grade level, with some classes combined.  Presentations will be one time for about 30 minutes. Classroom teachers and the social worker met to determine the best times for the presentations to occur.

The OMS PTA has graciously donated a set of books, that are read during the presentation, for parents to preview if they would like. These will be available in the office beginning on Monday, December 5. Please ask Brenda or Judi to see them.  

Following is the presentation schedule:

K (morning): K-1 (Mrs. Tumpane), K-2( Mrs. Klimas) January 18: 9:15-9:45
K (afternoon): K-3 (Mrs. Naughten), K-4 (Mrs. Martens) January 18: 1:15-1:45

First grade: 1-1 (Mrs. Brinati), 1-2 (Mrs. Vittore), January 24: 9:15-9:45
1-4, (Miss Alberti), January 25: 9:15-9:45
1-3 (Mrs. Nordman), 1-5 (Mrs. Orlando), January 30: 11:30-12:00

Second Grade: 2-5 (Mrs. Mueller), 2-4, (Mrs. Netzel) January 9: 2-2:30
2-3 (Miss Musich), 2-2, (Mrs. Wilhelm), January 13: 2-2:30
2-1 (Mrs. Christoforou), January 20: 2-2:30

Third Grade: 3-1(Mrs. Helmann, 3-2(Mrs. Molnar) January 10: 1:15-1:45
3-3 (Miss Pietrzaik) January 11: 1:15-1:45
3-4 (Miss Brown), 3-5 (Mrs. Yarbrough), January 13: 11:10-11:40

Fourth Grade: 4-2 (Miss Doranski), 4-5 (Mrs. Stevens), February 15: 11:15-11:45
4-4 (Mrs. Grimm), February 17: 11:15-11:45
4-3 (Mrs. Beck), 4-1 (Mrs. Range), February 21: 11:15-11:45

Fifth Grade: 5-1 (Mrs. Muhr), 5-3 (Mrs. Tranter), February 21: 2:30-3:00

5-2 (Mrs. Fowler), 5-4 (Mr. Edstrom), February 22: 2:30-3:00

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lost & Found

Our lost & found is full again. If you are missing anything or you see something below that looks familiar, please stop by our lost & found. All items still remaining by winter break will be donated.

DON'T FORGET - sign up for Science Club!

Science Club is back for Olive students to enjoy:

Session 1: Cars on Tracks (two weeks)
Design, build, and test cars for speed and distance
When: Tuesdays, January 10 and 17 or Wednesdays, January 11 and 18

Session 2: Wind Turbines (two weeks)
Design, build and test blades for wind turbines
When: Tuesdays, January 24 and 31 or Wednesdays, January 25 and February 1

Session 3: Keep the Heat (one or two weeks)
experiments involving thermodynamics, and an intriguing design challenge
When: Tuesday, February 7 or Wednesdays, February 8 and 15

Session 4: Science Sampler (two weeks)
It’s A Small World (microscopy) and Mystery Box Challenge
When: Tuesday, February 21 and 28 or Wednesdays, February 22 and March 1

All sessions are for first through fifth grade students. You can review this fall’s and prior years’ activities online at scienceclubatoms@weebly.com.

Science Club meets in the Room 110 from 3:45-4:45.  Students may enroll in one, two, or all three sessions. There is no charge to participate, however, you must register by completing the attached form and returning it to the Olive office no later than Friday, December 16. Students and children are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis; session sizes are limited and often fill up quickly so don’t delay!

To ensure that we’re able to provide a safe and enjoyable activity there will be at least two adults present each day. Any days that do not have at least one adult volunteer helper will be cancelled. Please consider signing up to help as your schedule allows. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are all welcome to volunteer. Don’t let the Olive students have all the fun; even if you can only come one day out of the fifteen please join us! Thank you.

Science Club has been funded by generous grants and donations from BP, Northrop Grumman Corporation, the American Chemical Society, ABC 25, Educational Innovations, Barnes and Noble, Orochem Technologies Inc., and individuals interested in science education.

Questions? Contact Cynthia House at chouse@sd25.org.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Hoot Winners

We had another fun lunch with our Hoot winners. Did you know you can get 10 students to jump rope at the same time? All it takes is some perseverance and teamwork, something these Olive Owls have! Well done!

Monday, November 28, 2016

TWIG 12.2.16

Olive-Mary Stitt PTA - Every child. One voice.
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The Olive Twig

December 2, 2016

Cookie Dough Pickup - Wednesday, December 7th 3:30 - 5:30pm

If you placed an order for cookie dough and/or frozen food, please come to the OMS Commons on Wednesday, December 7th between 3:30-5:30pm to pick up your order. All orders are frozen and must be picked up by 5:30to decrease the risk of thawing! Please arrange to have someone pick your order up for you if you are not able to. Any questions, please contact Jo Voelker or Liz McDonnell. Thank you for your participation!

Chipotle Dine & Earn - Wednesday, December 7th

Want an easy and yummy dinner next week? Head over to Chipotle for dinner and a portion of sales will be donated to the PTA! Just mention Olive-Mary Stitt or show them this email. The event will run from 4:00pm - 8:00pm. Chipotle is located at 338 E. Rand Road (by Palatine & Rand). Thanks for supporting the PTA! Please contact Liz McDonnell with any questions. Click Here for flyer.

Looking for Letters Filled With Laughter and Love to Mrs. Jansson

Olive Families who had Mrs. Jansson as a teacher.... As you all know, Mrs. Jansson retired last spring, after teaching at Olive for over 30 years! The Olive staff has decided to put together a special book of letters of appreciation for her. They are reaching out to all staff members, parents, and students who have worked with or had Mrs. Jansson for their teacher. This will mean the world to her; however, the turn around time on these letters needs to be quick, because they are presenting the book to her at the staff holiday party! So....our deadline is Wednesday, December 7th.

Here's what we need to do:
-Take a moment and write a letter of appreciation to Mrs. Jansson (any thoughts, memories, or messages you have for her).
-Have your children who had Mrs. Jansson do the same thing.
-Email your letters to Alinda Wilhelm (Olive 2nd grade teacher) at awilhelm@sd25.org by Wednesday, December 7th. You can write "Letters for Mrs. Jansson" in the subject box.
-Please spread the word to anyone you know who had Mrs. Jansson as a teacher or colleague. Thanks for your time. Mrs. Jansson will love this.

Just Move It! Challenge - Vote for Favorite T-Shirt

Thank you for all of the great T-shirt design submissions for the Just Move It! Challenge. About 70 designs were submitted. They have narrowed it down to the top 4. Vote on your favorite by going to the Just Move It! Challenge website:  jmichallenge.org.  Voting opens on Friday, December 2nd and closes on Friday, December 9th.

Attention Parents of 5th Grade Boys:

Tuesday, December 13th: The fifth grade boys will have the opportunity to attend the "Michael" program presented by the Robert Crown Health Education Center. This program is being offered by the PTA so that parents have the opportunity to hear the presentation with their child before it is presented in school.

It has been developed to acquaint the boys with the physical development and personal hygiene associated with growing up. The program will be presented in the Commons at Olive-Mary Stitt School at 7:00pm. It will end by 8:30pm.Every boy attending must be accompanied by a parent or an adult chaperone. A permission slip was sent home November 29th and must be returned to the office by December 9th. Please click here for a copy of the permission slip and details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah Klancnik.

Winter 2017 Activity Nights - Mark your Calendar!

Each year, the PTA hosts grade-specific Activity Nights. These are fun, free evenings where the PTA brings in performers to put on a show for our students. This winter, we will be bringing back some favorite acts from the past few years.
  • Kindergarten and First Grade: Thursday, March 1 at 7pm in the Commons
  • Second and Third Grade: Friday, February 17 at 7pm in the Commons
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade: Friday, January 12 at 7pm in the Commons
Each child must be accompanied by a parent and only students in the specific grades can attend due to size limitations. An email with more details will come out as each Activity Night approaches. Please contact Jen HascheKris Persons or Christina Perez with any questions.

IL PTA Takes Action - Is There Lead in Your Child's Drinking Water?

IL PTA released information concerning a new Senate Bill (SB550) which would require all schools in Illinois—public, private, and parochial—to test for lead in each unique drinking water source in their school.  Please CLICK HERE for more information and to TAKE ACTION.

Amazon Smile for Holiday Shopping

Please consider supporting the PTA and start shopping at www.Smile.Amazon.com and .5% of your purchases will be contributed to the Olive-Mary Stitt PTA. Smile.Amazon.com offers the same selection and same prices as Amazon.com, so there is no cost to you, and a charitable donation to the PTA is made! AmazonPrime benefits apply. Click here to learn more:  "About AmazonSmile".  To sign up, it is simple! Log on to Smile.Amazon.com, select "Illinois Congress of Parents and Teachers Olive-Mary Stitt PTA Inc" under charitable organization, and you are set. Thank you for your support!

Thank You Conference Dinner Volunteers

Our annual conference dinner was a great success.  The teachers really enjoyed their Casino themed meal.  It is a long few days of conferences for them and they love having this meal waiting for them.  Thank you to all those who donated food, raffle items or their time and also to our Co-Chairs, Judi Schuch and Sarah Wade for organizing this event!

Help Shape Your 2017/2018 Olive PTA

The Nominating Committee needs YOU! Are you interested in recruiting next year's Executive Committee? The Nominating Committee is a group of PTA members who find and nominate the following year's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the elected board that directs all of the PTA committees at our school. These people will be actively recruiting and soliciting potential nominees for the 2017/2018 Executive Committee. You need to be available to meet a few times as a group. Please email Olive - Mary Stitt PTA  if you are interested or have questions. Nominations for the Executive Board will be accepted at a later date. Thank you for your support. 

ABC/25 Yankee Candle Fundraiser

You can still order holiday gifts from Yankee Candle. All online orders need to be completed by November 18th for December delivery. Reminder free shipping on all orders over $100 and orders are sent directly to your address. Yankee Candle fundraiser will run until January 11, 2017. Visit the www.abc25.org and click the Yankee Candle icon and follow the prompts to signup as a seller. Proceeds benefit ABC/25 Foundation Teacher Grants. Membership Drive is also still going on! Help your school Earn $2,500 - Make a donation and become a member of ABC/25 Foundation today! If you have questions, contact Megan Puzen.

Upcoming Events..

12/7 - Cookie Dough Order Pick-up
12/7 - 5th Grade Band Concert, 7pm (TMS)
12/13 - Michael Talk (G5 Boys), 7pm
12/14 - 5th Grade Science Behind Drugs presentation, 9:15am

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Deadline Extended - Just Move It T-Shirt Challenge!

 T-shirt and Race Poster Design Challenge
NEW DEADLINE:  Monday, November 28th
For official contest rules CLICK HERE!

Health Office Needs Sweatpants

If you are sorting through closets over the weekend, our health office is in need of gently used sweatpants.  Sizes 8-10 or M-L are most appreciated.  Please feel free to drop them off in the office during Parent/Teacher Conferences or send them in with your child when school resumes.
Thank you for your help!

Mr. DeMarco's Art Updates

Learn what Mr. DeMarco's artists have been up to during the first trimester by clicking on his blog link below!